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Cornerstone Audio Visual Solutions maintains a large inventory of backline equipment for rentals and services.  Choose from over thirty drum kits; a large selection of keyboards and bass amps; Hammond Organs and Leslie speakers; Current, Reissue and Vintage guitar amps and more.  Please see the list below for some of the more popular items we offer.  Please inquire if you do not see it on the list; Our inventory changes daily and we maintain relationships with other vendors for multiples of something or items we do not have in stock.



Backline 2021:



Custom Series Black Wrap w/ White Hardware

22" Kick /12"/14"/15" Toms

Workshop Series Cherry Satin

20" Kick / 10"/12"/15" Toms

Collector Series Olive Green Gloss

20" Kick / 10"/12"/14" Toms

Collector Series Electric Aqua

2x22" Kicks / 10"/12"/14" Toms/14"/16"/18" Floor Toms / 5.5x14" Matching Snare

Collector Series Sunburst Maple

22" Kick / 10" / 12" Toms / 14" / 16" Floor Toms / 5x14" Matching Snare

All Original Hardware Package


Black Marine Pearl

18"/20"/22"kicks/12"/13"/14"/15"Toms 14"/16"/18" Floor Toms / 5x14" Matching Snare

All Original Hardware Package


Masterworks Tint Blue:

22" Kick / 10" / 12" toms / 14" / 16" FT

Masterworks Mahogany Orange Sparkle:

22" Kick / 10"/12"/14" toms / 5x14" Matching Snare

Reference Ivory Pearl:

22" Kick / 10" / 12" toms / 14" / 16" FT

Reference Rootbeer Fade:

24" Kick / 8" / 10" / 12" / 14" Toms / 16" / 18" FT

Masters Retrospec Royal Gold:

2)22" Kicks / 8" / 10" / 12" / 13" / 14" Toms / 18" FT

Masters Custom Bronze Glass:

22" Kick / 8" / 10" / 12" toms / 14" / 16" FT

Masters Studio Bronze Glass:

24" Kick / 10" / 12" / 13" / 14" / 15" / 16" Toms

Masters Custom Maple Platinum Mist:

20/24" Kicks 8"/ 10"/12"/14"/16" toms / 5x14" Matching Snare

Masters Studio Platinum Mist::

2x20"/24" Kicks 8"/ 10"/12"/14"/16" toms / 5x14" Matching Snare


Artist Birch Series Emerald Satin:

20" Kick / 10"/12"/14" toms / 5x14" Matching Snare


HiLites Cherry Maple

18" & 22" kicks/10"/12"/13"/14" toms 16" FT / 6.5x14" and 5"x14" Matching Snare

All Original Hardware Package

S-class Green Natural Finish

16" kick/8"/10"/13"/14"Toms

All Original Hardware Package

Delite Birdseye Cherry

18"/20"/22" kicks/10"/12" Toms/14" Floor tom/5x14" Matching Snare

All Original Hardware Package

Signature African Bubinga

2x20"/22"/24" kicks 8"/10"/12"/13"/14" Toms/14"/16" Floor toms

All Original Hardware Package


White Marine Pearl:

20" Kick, 10"/ 12" Toms / 14"/16" Floor Toms / 5x14 Matching Snare / 5x14 COB Krupa Snare

All original Hardware package


Starclassic B&B Dark Ebony Fade:

2x22" Kicks /8"/10"/12" Toms / 14"/16" Floor Toms

Superstar Cherrywine

1x18"Kick / 2x22"Kicks / 2x24" Kicks / 8"/10"/12"/13"/14"/15" Toms / 16"/18" Floor Toms

6.5"x14" Matching Cherrywine Snare

8"x14" Matching Cherrywine Snare

6.5"x14" Chrome Superstar Snare

All Original Hardware Package


Maple Custom Vintage Finish:

18" Kick / 12"Tom / 14" Floor Tom/5x14 and 6x14 matching snares

Maple Custom Absolute Vintage Finish

20"/22" Kicks / 8"/10"/12"/13"/14"/15" Toms / 16" Floor Tom / 5x14" Matching Snare

Maple Custom Natural Finish

2x22" Kicks / 10"/12"/13"/14" Toms / 16" Floor Tom / 6.5x14" Matching Snare

All Original Hardware Package

Misc. Snares:

5"x10" Mapex 554 Chrome Snare

6"x10" DW Collectors Silver Sparkle Snare

2) 6"x10" DW Pacific 805 snare

6"x12" Pork Pie Aqua Swirl Snare

3"x13" Pearl Brass Piccolo Snare

3"x14" Remo Master Edge Piccolo Snare

3"x14" Sunlite Brass Piccolo Snare

6.5"x14" Pearl Freefloating w/ Brass Shell Snare

5"x14" Tama Starclassic Cherry Satin Snare

5"x14" Tama Artwood Vintage Maple Snare

5x14" Ludwig Chrome Supraphonic Snare

5x14" Black Sparkle Ludwig Standard Steel Snare

5"x14" Ludwig Standard Aluminum Snare

5"x14" Yamaha Custom Copper Snare

8x14" Tama Chrome Steel Snare

10" Sonor Jungle Snare

5"x14" Sonor Force Custom Natural Maple Snare

5"x14" Pearl Sensitone Brass w/ Matercast Hoops Snare

5"x14" DW Workshop Natural Maple Snare

5"x14" Sonor Chrome Steel Snare

6.5"x14" Ludwig Black Beauty Snare

5"x14" Ludwig Black Beauty Snare

5"x14" Ludwig Black Beauty Hand Hammered Snare

5’x14" Sonor Symphonic Brass Snare

Percussion and accessories:

2) Clearsonic drum shields

LP 40th Anniversary Congas w/ cradles

LP 40th Anniversary Bongos w/ stand

LP Matador Congas w/ stand

LP Matador Bongos

LP Tito Puente Timbales

LP Matador Timbales

Full compliment of toys including:

Jam blocks, cowbells, guiros, triangles, claves, bar chimes, shakers, tambourines, maracas, cabasas, woodblocks, and more

Full compliment of kick pedals...DW5000 and DW9000 single and double, Yamaha Flying Dragon single and double, TAMA Iron Cobra Single and double, Sonor Giant Step Twin EFX and double.

Full compliment of drum thrones to match kit or custom thrones from Roc-n-Soc (with or without back), Gibraltar, and others.

Full compliment of Zildjian cymbals and efx.


Bass Amps:


1)DB750 head

1)DB751 head

3)DB 412 cabinets

1)DB810 cabinet


3)SVT Classic Head w/ 4)Matching Classic 810E cabinets


3) World Tour 800 Head

4) 410 XLT cabinet

210 XLT cabinet

118 XLT cabinet


2) Bassman 100 w/ matching 412 cabinet (see guitar amps)

Gallien Krueger:

2) 800 RB heads

2)1001 RB head

2001 RB head

2)410-8 RBH cabinet

115 RBH cabinet

115 SBX cabinet


7000 Head

2) 410XL cabinets

115XL cabinet

4.5XL cabinet


Kustom 250 Head w/ 215 cabinet-matching black tuck and roll


SM-400 head

SM-500 head

3)SM-900 heads

Henry 8x8 cabinet

2) Big Ben 18 cabinets

210T cabinet

4) Goliath III cabinets

Trace Elliott:

RAH-130 head w/ 1045HP 4x10 cabinet


Guitar Amps:


2)Twin Reverb- 135 watt Silverface (one w/ Oxfords, one w/ alnico’s)

2)Twin Reverb- 85 watt 65RI Blackface

2)Twin Reverb- 85 watt original 1965 non-RI Blackface

The Twin-Red Knobs

Super Twin

2) Super Reverb 65RI Blackface

Vibrolux Reverb

2) Vibro King

2) Deluxe Reverb 65RI Blackface

75 Blackface Combo-Tube 75 watt w/ reverb & 15" speaker

2)Hot Rod Deville 410

2) Bassman 100 w/ matching 412 cabinet (see Bass amps)

65’ Bandmaster Head


3)JCM800-2203 100 watt heads

2)JCM900 100 watt heads

JCM-2000 DSL 100 head

3)1960A angled cabinets

2)1960B straight cabinets

1)1960A Original Classic Limited Edition Cabinet (Greenbacks)

Mesa Boogie:

Mark IV combo-EV speaker

Mark IV combo-Black Shadow speaker

Mark IV widebody head 

1x12 1/2 back cabinet w/ Black Shadow 90

1x12  rectifier cabinet (closed back) w/ Celestion Vintage 30

2) Triple Rectifier 3-channel heads

2) 412 half-back cabinet


2) JC120


2)AC 30/6/TBX w/ Blue Alnico Speakers


Keyboard Amps:

2)Roland KB500

Peavey KB300

Mackie 1604/1404 vlz pro mixers (see audio equipment)



2) Hammond B3 organ with 2)122RV Leslie speaker

Hammond RT3 w/ 122 Leslie Speaker

Fender Rhodes Suitcase 88 w/ 212 cabinet and 212 satellite speaker

Fender Rhodes Stage 88 Stage Piano

Fender Rhodes Stage 73 Stage Piano

Nord Electro 3-73

2)Yamaha Motif XF8

Yamaha Motif XS8

2)Yamaha Motif ES8

Yamaha Motif 8

2) Yamahs Motif XS7

2)Yamaha Motif ES7

Yamaha Motif 7

Yamaha Motif XS6

Yamaha Motif ES6

Kurzweil PC 88MX

2)Kurzweil PC2X/O

2) Korg Kronos 2

2)Korg Triton ProX 88

Korg Triton Extreme 73

1)Korg Triton LE-88

1) Korg Triton 61

Korg Trinity

2)Korg Prophecy

Roland Fantom G7

Roland Fantom X7

Roland Fantom X8

Roland D-50

Roland RD-700

2)Roland XP-80

1)Roland Super JV 1080

Roland JV-80

Roland JV-90

Roland JD-800

Roland VK-7 w/ Yamaha RA200 "Leslie" Speaker

Roland VK-8

Yamaha DX7

Alesis QS8

Full compliment of podiums,drum shields, keyboard stands, guitar and amp stands, music stands and lights, bar stools, cable crossovers and more. We also carry the Fender line of guitars and basses including Stratocaster, Precision Bass and Jazz Bass.





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